Monday, July 09, 2007

Back Home to the Jungle

We left Hutto on April 26 and returned on July 8. Things had changed. Extensive rains have given our grass a boost. I guess it's time to get the mover back from our neighbors. But the grass isn't the only thing that's greener than when we left. This morning I bought a couple of hundred dollars of chlorine. I suspect I'll need it all.


shelley said...

Wouldn't it just be easier to drain it and refill?

Henry Melton said...

Shelley, it's tempting, but in the years I've had this pool, I've never drained it. I'm not sure I dare. I watched them build it, and I was surprised just how thin the plaster shell is. They carved the shape of the pool out of the clay soil, and then trowlled on the plaster, and then even before it hardened, they began filling the cavity. The weight of the water in the pool is part of its structural integrity, I think.

Besides, that's a LOT of water I'd have to replace. It's hard to clean it, but I've done it before, many times. The filter and the little robot cleaner do the hard work, once I kill off all the algae.

shelley said...

We always drained out pool when we would get back from vacation and it looked like that. The water was cheaper than all the chemicals it required to get things right, plus the several weeks we missed out on swimming. It never harmed the pool. But we drained in the morning, scrubed and hosed down the sides, and were filling it up that evening. It never sat more than a few hours empty to protect the plaster.

After a few years of this, Dad just finally hired a pool service to take care of the chemicals (we still did the cleaning). That was a lot cheaper than buying chemicals ourselves.

Good luck getting it clear again.