Monday, June 25, 2007

S Park Ave - Ski Hill RD

We stopped a few days at our place here in Breckenridge Colorado, partly so Mary Ann could take some flower pictures, partly for a home-owner's meeting, and partly so we could have a stable address for a few days so our mail could catch up to us. The condo, on a second floor corner unit looking over S. Park Avenue and Ski Hill Road, is a homey place and we've lived her for six weeks at a time in previous years.

Then, with no warning, Mary Ann's laptop developed a hard drive glitch and would no longer boot. Oops. I just realized I'd left all my diagnostic and repair disks at home. Using our external hard drives, and using my laptop in 'Target Disk Mode', I managed to boot her system off my disk and saw that her files, for the most part, were still visible. I saved everything I could, but we'll probably have to go to Denver to get an install disk before I can bring her system back to life.

Until then, I set up an account on my laptop for her to use. Unfortunately, that means I have to sneak onto the system when her back's turned. The mail arrived, and while she has it all spread out on the floor, sorting and filing, I went out on the porch and watched the sunset and the intersection below. Despite the fact that it's nearly the most active intersection in town, it was nice to watch the traffic and the pedestrians. The corners hosted a half-dozen large flower pots, and as the light faded, and the sunset lit the clouds with a wonderful golden glow, the street lights came on, also with a golden light.

A life-long resident of Breckenridge, a red fox, came down the street and entered the intersection. He paused in the middle of the road, as if to look at how the place was doing, then moved on, and up the hill and behind another building. Probably I'll see him again before we leave.

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