Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's Not Me

I monitor Google Alerts about "Henry Melton" for several reasons. Sometimes there are reviews that I need to know about. Sometimes someone is looking for information about some story of mine. Often it's a way to make contact with people building their own library indexes.

But when I started getting alerts about some high school football player in Grapevine Texas, I knew I might have a problem. When he signed with the University of Texas and was part of the national championship team, I was certain of it. Up until that point, I was the top-ranked Google hit for "Henry Melton". Now I'm lucky if I get position on the first page. What's worse is that we both live in the Austin, Texas area.

At least when he makes a touchdown, people at church congratulate me for it.

I had hopes for this guy. When he first signed at UT, I tried to make contact, to offer a link from my to any page of his choice for people who discovered my website while looking for him, but the only email address I was able to locate was an empty well and I never got a response. It could well be that he just isn't interested in the internet.

Still, it was a rude shock to get an alert about his arrest. Believe me, I'm up here in Yellowstone, not partying down on Sixth Street.

We don't even look alike. I'm the guy with glasses.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I am a football fan, and every time I hear his name I think of you. I am glad you were not arrested. :)

I hope he has learned from his youthful mistake, and goes on to a productive life.