Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tanglewood Morning

For more than two weeks now, I've been at Lake Tanglewood, visiting with my parents. We'll be heading out for Colorado on Sunday. It's been a pleasant visit. Our RV is parked in my sister's driveway (where I leech electricity and water from their garage). I just took the image above from out the window.

Tanglewood was a fishing lake made from impounding a finger of the Palo Duro Canyon system. It became a gated residential area for Amarillo residents, and the combination of limited development, easy access to water, and protected habitat made it into an area overflowing with wildlife. In this little canyon off my left shoulder, birds and deer are constantly in motion. The trees in the center are bedtime roosts for turkeys. Each evening, I watch the turkeys come home from their daily forage and fly up into the branches and gobble to each other. Sometimes, you can see them leap off the cliffs above and fly down.

Deer are so common and tame that each night, herds wander up this way to bed down, and don't give me more than a glance as I set out the lawn chair to watch them.

While I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip, I will miss this place.

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