Monday, April 09, 2007

A Sense of Place

I travel, and some places inspire me. I don't know what does it, but I'll visit hundreds of towns, and a few will jump right out and say, "Love me". Then I write a book that takes place on those streets. For this blog entry, I'll make a little list of where my novels start out.

-- YA SF Stories --

Emperor Dad -- Hutto, Texas
This is my home town, and many events from this book came from living here and being a part of my kid's growing up years. This is the town of the Hutto Hippos, and friday nights watching the football games from the sideline fence. The book is my first experiment in self-publishing. Buy it here.

Pixie Dust -- Austin, Texas
I attended UT, and so does the cute and brainy protagonist of this science fiction tale. And when she's on the run, she visits the small towns of West Texas I travel through on many of my trips. The book is currently in a publisher's slush pile.

Follow that Mouse -- Ranch Exit, Utah
All along the Interstate highways of Utah are 'Ranch Exits', places where no real town exists. I combined them into a real small town, with a girl who loved her home, and a villain with much grander plans for the place. Book is currently in a publisher's slush pile.

Falling Bakward -- Chamberlain, South Dakota
Where the Missiouri River and I-90 cross is flat farmland, with a age-old secret buried under the six-generation Ingram farm. Book is currently in a publisher's slush pile.

Lighter Than Air -- Munising, Michigan
On the shore of Lake Superior, add one part lighter than air foam and two parts inventive students, add a family mystery and the CIA. Mix well. Book will be sent out to a new slush pile shortly.

Roswell or Bust -- Las Vegas, New Mexico
When the MIB fall out and catch a highschool aged motel worker up in their internal struggle, Joe and Judith begin a marathon road trip through the west rescuing scattered Guests, imprisoned since 1947. Book will be sent out to a new slush pile shortly.

Breaking Anchor -- Chicago, Illinois
When Tommy's father 'liberated' world-changing scientific discoveries from the corporation, it was up to him to get his father's people to safety by sailing the Great Lakes, and to make sense of all the secret changes made to the ship. Book will be sent to agents shortly.

Extreme Makeover -- Crescent City, California
Tree sap from giant redwoods infected Deena with alien nanobots, intent on making her over into their agent, but the communication channel went both ways. Book is currently at agents.

--- Project Universe Stories ---

Starstrike -- Austin, Texas
Betelgeuse exploded, a long time ago, and a flare is aimed at earth, due to hit and set civilization back hundreds of years. Only a few psychics and the scavenger aliens waiting in the shadow of the moon know it's coming. Only a timid witch and an electronic wizard can stop the aliens from turning the earth into their private hunting preserve. Currently in a slush pile.

Humanicide -- Denver, Colorado
An artificial human in the age of the space cities decides to kill 99 % of the human race for its own good. He succeeds. Currently in a slush pile.

Alpine Duty -- Port Gartner, Hercules, Luna
The lone survivor of the race of librarians makes his own place in the Iron Age civilization on terraformed Luna, hundreds of years after the Plague.

---- Stories being written ----
Golden Girl -- Oquawka, Illinois

Lifeboat -- San Simeon, California

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