Sunday, April 01, 2007

Republishing Glitches

Republishing the PDF ebooks of Emperor Dad has been an interesting exercise. For one thing, it's taken a lot longer than I thought it would. Even after the delays in getting the artwork, I had to put the title on the image. Mary Ann didn't like my first attempt and I didn't like hers. But at least she put me on the right track in navigating the Photoshop options. Then after the cover was finalized, I had to reformat the two versions of the PDF. I made a screen version so all you have to do is click the next page button, and I made a two-column print version for easy reading from paper. Inserting the photos meant changing the formats and inserting the images. The end results were, of course, larger files than the originals, so I made them Compressed PDF's to keep the download times small.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the compressed versions didn't show up when downloaded into a Palm Pilot and viewed with the PDF reader. So exchanging a number of emails with a friend I used to work with, we narrowed down the problem and I created a set of uncompressed versions for Palm users.

And then there was that problem with the samples. Before you buy, I have sample chapters you can read, so I decided to make the sample chapters a bit larger than I had originally -- let people read farther into the story, get 'em hooked. I started reading the screen version to find a good place to stop, and unfortunately I was hooked myself, clicking pages into the small hours of the morning to finish the story. Is that common? Getting trapped in your own story? I've had it happen to me a number of times.

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