Monday, March 26, 2007

Wildlife -- Analog March 2006

Wildlife was written while Mary Ann and I were up at Traverse City on one of our combination photo shoots and science fiction convention trips. For some reason we needed to spend the night in a motel rather than in the RV (probably because it was in the shop for some reason), and we found a nice place right on the water. Just outside the door, walking the beach were a number of wild birds. I particularly remember a blue-winged teal and it found its way into my fiction. Here are the first few lines:

Greg Hammersmith frowned at the frozen image of a blue-winged teal tugging at the grass with its beak. The keystone is off. The deck-of-cards projector tracked his finger and corrected the frame.

"Off." The bird vanished, long enough for him to spray a fresh layer of Canvas on the wall where the image had been. "Calibrate and burn. Ten percent impressionist. Two inch frame, cinnamon."

After the projector did its thing, Greg picked the gadget up and stuffed it in his shirt pocket.

That gives the room some life!

But his smile faded. I've already used up one bottle of Canvas already.

In his pocket was every picture he had taken in his thirty years as a nature photographer back on Earth. There were many good shots, one blank space on the wall, and a nagging need to fill it.

One thing for sure, there would be no landscapes. Not with the scenery outside.

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