Friday, March 23, 2007

Gene's iPod

While visiting my parents last week, they noticed me playing with my iPod. I had music and photos and notes and videos and games, but when they asked, I confirmed that essentially, it was still a music player. A few minutes later and Gene asked, "Can you buy those with Bob Wills music on them?"

Now my father has been pretty much confined to home other than doctor's visits for some time now, and his hearing has limited a lot of what he can do and enjoy. They tend to watch the TV with closed captioning and he hasn't turned on his 8-track music player in quite a number of years. But any interest in new activities was a good sign, so I went into town and picked up a $79 iPod shuffle from Circuit City and downloaded some Bob Wills music from iTunes. I was fully expecting his interest to have faded, but it was hardly a huge expense for the experiment.

I handed him the tiny player and showed him the simple controls ... and was excited as he took to it instantly. "I'd about given up on music, because of my hearing." But the iPod can be turned up loud enough for him, and he listened intently for the next two days of my visit, and logged quite a few hours on it.

Of course, it makes it even harder for my Mother to get his attention, but he began to talk about the old music he'd heard before. I got an email from my sister who visited them after I left, asking how to get some Al Hirt music he's requested.

The rest of the family is all in the act. Gene's great grand daughter even complained at the injustice -- Gran Pa had an iPod before she did!

The only downside is that after moving all that music over to his computer for his playlist, I ended up 'San Antonio Rose' stuck in my head for days.


Karen said...

That's awesome Henry! I bet that felt great to see his face light up. Good job embracing an opportunity to grant him another happiness.

Chris said...

That is a really great story!