Saturday, February 10, 2007

Status report from Westport, CA

For those who read my blog, but not Mary Ann's, I'm posting the link to a sampler of the photos she took while we were in Crescent City. We've been stuck together like glue the most of this trip, so while she was taking those photos, I was usually within shouting distance in the Jeep, doing something or another on my laptop.

My projects are advancing as well. I completed the outline for a new time-travel novel tentatively titled "Golden Girl" and I'm edging my way into the second chapter.

We moved today, driving through the California rains south, leaving Crescent City and setting up in Westport. The drive was interesting. This last stretch was 20 or 30 miles through dense redwood forests, with so little sky that the GPS was totally out of service from where we turned off highway 101 and took highway 1 all the way to the coast. The road was two-lane blacktop and solid hairpin turns. Add in low light, rain and wet pavement, toss in some minor rock slides, and altogether it was a memorable, but pleasant drive.

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