Thursday, February 01, 2007

Morning Cartoons on the Beach

I have my routines. In the morning, I have my breakfast, a handful of assorted pills, and my internet fix. However, on location as we are, morning begins before dawn when Mary Ann peeks out the window to check the sky conditions. If there is a chance for sunrise light, we hurriedly get ready and head out in the jeep to set up for her photos. This was the case this morning, so slim fast shake and a bananna instead of oatmeal, and my email and morning cartoons would have to wait.

Or would they? We stopped near Battery Point, overlooking the breaking waves and the rocks below. Just on a whim, I checked for Wi-fi. Strangely enough, there was a signal, and my laptop connected.

Now, we were several hundred feet from any buildings, out on a bare parking lot, far out of range of most wireless routers. Was this a city thing, or just some homeowner's router with no passwords.

I quickly checked my email and read my cartoons, noticing that every time a car drove down the street, the signal would drop out. It had to be coming from that house on the corner, but how were they getting that range?

Then I noticed, the entire parking lot was surrounded with a decorative fence made up of a hefty anchor chain through concrete supports. That anchor was acting as a long range antenna booster, capturing the wi-fi signal and focussing it at my parking spot.

Well, I hesitate to swipe any more of their bandwidth, but maybe just enough to post this blog.

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