Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mary Ann's Driver

One of my jobs is to drive while Mary Ann takes her pictures. Today was a little different because the Jeep is stuck in the shop, getting a clutch transplant. We rented a cute little red car instead. It's a little harder to fit into the driver's seat, and of course, I don't trust it on dirt roads.

So... of course the first thing we did was head out to the Stout Grove outside of town. The first few inches of the road were paved, but the bulk of it was dirt -- probably somewhat better than it was when it was a stagecoach route, but not much. And, Mary Ann was experimenting with artistic motion blur. She'd point the camera at the trees outside and yell, "Faster! Go faster!".

I was hardly able to dodge the deep pits in the road, and avoid the other cars and bicyclists on the road -- but I tried to please.

Down and around the giant redwoods we went, sometimes with not much clearance between them. Around one blind curve, we pulled to a halt. A pickup camper had ignored the warnings and was attempting to make its way though the maze. I backed up on the road until there was a wide place to let the camper pass by and then pushed on.

When we reached the Stout Grove hiking trail, we bailed out and Mary Ann set her camera for 'serious pictures' and hauled out the tripod. By the way. She's in all three of these pictures, although you'll have to look hard in the third one.


Bill Crider said...

The blue coat makes it pretty easy.

Henry Melton said...

When I showed that picture to Mary Ann, telling her I had a picture of her, she couldn't find herself at all until I blew the photo up full size. Those trees are big.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...


Came across your blog amidst my redwood forest Googling.

You described the road well - especially for winter. Sometimes it is smooth; just depends.

I'll be in Stout Grove again in a few weeks. Here are some trees in that park that most people will not see:

Grove of Titans Redwood Giants

That page is part of last winter's photo-taking.