Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're Not in Toronto

Although, I did make that suggestion. Mary Ann's photos are winning awards all over the place these days. She entered a prestigious photo contest, the Toronto Camera Club's 113th Annual International Salon of Photography and it appears she won a silver medal. It would have been a good excuse to go visit Toronto again, but ... our passports need to be renewed, and it was just too difficult to get from Palm Springs in the RV to Canada in just a couple of days.

Instead we headed for Malibu to take a little break. Mary Ann has been working long hours for weeks now, and we're not done. While we're in California, to make best use of the gasoline, we're going to be working our way along the coast so she can get more photos of the waves and the animals and the sunsets. Today, we're heading north, going via the inland route to get up to Oregon. After that, if all things go as planned, we'll slowly move south along the coastline. If we're lucky, this will take weeks.

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