Saturday, January 13, 2007

Waiting for Triple A

This morning, I steeled myself for the process of starting the RV. Last night I had researched the problem as much as I could, and I was ready to locate the starter wire and 'hot wire' the RV if necessary to get it started again.

First problem -- I couldn't get it out of Park. This has happened before, so I went back to the Jeep, still attacked by the tow-bar, and shoved at the RV, hoping it would remove some strain on the linkage.

The gear shift moved, and then, the key switch moved. It moved far too easily. I could tell instantly that the key switch mechanism was broken. Now I couldn't even turn on the ignition, and of course the starter.

Some things I feel like I can fix myself. I grew up with simple electronics in cars and although I was never the guy who built a drag racer, I had some minor skills with a volt-meter.

But I can't make a broken switch heal itself. So Mary Ann called the AAA number. We have the RV-Plus coverage for this kind of problem. We called. They called back. We looked up numbers.

Now we wait.

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Bill Crider said...

I hate automotive problems! I hope you can get yours taken care of and get back on the road.