Monday, January 29, 2007

Right at Home

Here in Crescent City, I noticed that although I'm still in my winter plumage and my beard is getting quite long, I am not the only one. Several people have had longer ones. Today, it seemed like every male face I saw was unshaven.

So, while Mary Ann went into the Post Office to mail off some photos to the editor at Ranger Rick, I did an impromptu survey. While she was in getting postage, I counted 14 beards vs. 3 clean shaven. It was up to 12-0 before some younger guys came by.

This part of California almost seceded from the rest of the state back in the 1940's, and it shows. They have their own culture and I'm quite comfortable here.


Karen said...

I think your beard is cool.

Henry Melton said...

Thank you, but it's almost too long now. I get it trimmed once a year, but being on the road I'll have to put it off for a bit yet. I'm not quite ready to trust walking into a random haircut place.