Saturday, January 13, 2007

Parked at the Horizon

I have some lovely pictures of the tow truck lifting our RV, and the guy crawling underneath to disconnect the drive shaft, but Blogger is being obnoxious about uploading them, so if you really want to see them, just send me an email and I'll pass them along.

For all the things that have gone wrong, it has still been a nice day. At first, every mechanic in El Paso was turning down the opportunity to work on our RV, but then Jesus Fernandez at Horizon Automotive took us on and started work almost immediately.

Unfortunately, looking for the broken part in our steering column was a long and involved process. Of course I learned a bit more about that post that holds the wheel than I ever wanted to know. Did you know there's even a separate tool kit for pulling a steering wheel off? I didn't know that. He was nice and friendly, approaching his 31st wedding anniversary. (I've got 35.)

But once the break was located, none of the four dealerships in town had the part. I'll be parked here in front of his shop at least through Tuesday. That puts Mary Ann on the spot. She needs to be 700 miles away on Tuesday, setting up for her conference, so she'll be taking the Jeep and heading off without me. I tend to think of that Jeep as the shuttlecraft to the RV's Enterprise, and we've made heavy use of it over the years. It's coming up on 256,000 miles.

But for now, the bustling traffic of I-10 goes by about a quarter mile away, and the sky is aglow with El Paso's lights. Hardly scenic in the traditional sense, but I can live with it.

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Scott Cupp said...

Well, there were are worse places to be stuck. There are a couple of good book stores and a reasonable number of theaters. Or, give me a call on my cell phone. I'll help pass the time.