Thursday, January 25, 2007

In the North

After leaving Malibu, we headed north, taking I-5 to minimize travel time ( and gas costs). It was a straightforward trip, except for a few wrinkles.

We stopped for the night at a highway rest area the first night. California has worse rules than Texas, but at least there are some places where they don't post the No Overnight Parking signs. Then, I noticed that the heater never came on. It wasn't a serious issue, because we were in a hot dry part of the state. That was the second problem. The first was less serious, but annoying. The cigarette lighter was not providing full power, so all the cell phones, GPS unit, and other chargers plugged in there weren't working.

However, sensitized as I was by a few cold days in El Paso, I tried everything. By the time we made it to the Yreka Wal-mart parking lot I knew we were in for a cold night. By now, we were in Mt. Shasta country and the low was 24. Most of the evening was spent with a flashlight and screwdriver, opening hatches and testing fuses. I downloaded the manual for the climate control system and tried to diagnose the problem.

I'm getting too old to crawl around on my knees, and I couldn't help thinking about the movie I was watching. I had bought The Core from iTunes but I was having to download it in pieces because of limited bandwidth, but iTunes allows you to watch shows even before the load completes. So, over the past few days I'd been watching the show in pieces, almost scene by scene, and as I was taking my RV apart to solve problems, so were the actors in their mole machine.

But with thick covers and the electric heater, we survived the night without using too much gas running the generator. I bought parts at the auto parts store this morning, and as soon as I have some time, I'll tackle it again, but now we're safe and secure at Crescent City, with Mary Ann looking at her first 2GB of new ocean sunset photos. We'll be here for a few days yet.

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