Monday, January 29, 2007

Crescent City

So far north in Northern California that it doesn't even feel like California any longer is a small town where we've been camped for the past few days. The campground is right on the bay. At high tide, the water is about 20 feet from the RV. Mary Ann has come here because it's a great place to take pictures of rocks in the surf. I'm here because I like the place. I've even written a novel located here.

Just to the south, and off to the north, redwood forests cover the mountains, taking advantage of the frequent fog. I'm taking advantage of this trip to tweak a few details in that novel I finished a year or so ago.

Unfortunately, I generally have to write my stories when I'm thousands of miles away from the locale. The internet does wonders, especially when I have real memories to mix with the on-line details. However, sometimes I can get things wrong, or just get things bland. Over the past couple of days, I've been able to re-visit the scenes and add a little color. As soon as I finish posting this I'll be adding a new discovery -- just a few words mentioning a mermaid carved out of a redwood trunk.

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