Friday, January 12, 2007

Chasing the Sunshine

I had planned to stay a couple of more days at Lake Tanglewood, visiting my parents and walking the two blocks from my sister's house where we had parked the RV and the folk's house. The little hike was nice, because there were always deer and turkeys at hand -- sometimes close enough to make me worry about those antlers.

But the weather forecast turned bad, and we had to get Mary Ann to Palm Springs for her NANPA conference and unless we left early, we were likely to be locked in by ice and snow. So, we finished up our activities and packed all our junk. It's amazing how cluttered an RV can get when you carry along clothes for a month, three computers and a dozen external hard drives.

Friday morning, we woke and looked out. There was a dusting of snow. The front had moved in early and we had to get moving. We said our goodbyes and dashed back to the RV.

It didn't start. Just on the trip before, the battery was good, but the starter didn't move. With more snow coming down, and the temperature dropping by the minute, I tried one thing and then another. Nothing worked. It was time to call out the big guns.

I called by brother-in-law, Walter Solomon, the reigning authority on all things mechanical. He came down and after a couple of minutes, he crawled under the RV and 'shorted the starter'. The engine ran, and until we stopped for the night just 50 miles out of El Paso, I never let it stop. Through snow and ice, until we ran out from under the cold front, we kept going.

Once I stopped for the night, we raised the satellite dish and I started researching the problem. By best guess is a bad 'Neutral Safety Switch'. I guess I'll see what happens in the morning.

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