Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Quiet House

Mary Ann is off in San Antonio with some buddies for a few days, so the house is very quiet. The TV is churning away silently, transferring all the Tivo'ed TV shows and movies into my EyeTV box so that they can become portable -- but that's just something I have to check on once an hour or so. I did watch Ishtar based on Judy Crider's recommendation. That was an experience.

But for the most part,I'm organizing and filing. I have an IN BOX on my desk that I check on about once a year. Now is the time. I've entered all the receipts into Quickbooks and filed away all the medical forms. After I finish this blog, I'll file all the rejection letters I've received from editors and agents into the appropriate folders. Luckily, I can play a podcast or two while I work.

I'm at that place between stories. I've done about all I can on the last novel, and the next one is whirring away in my subconscious. I have a feeling it's going to be a time-travel something or other. I had the urge to pull out OmniOutliner and start work on the plot, but I successfully put it off for now. I'm hoping to catch up on chores until the noise in my head gets too loud to ignore and I have to put down more black marks on a white background.


Bill said...

Yes, watching Ishtar is an experience. But what kind of experience?

Henry Melton said...

I am unable to watch 'I Love Lucy'. I can predict what's going to happen next and it's unbearable to watch. I felt much the same way while watching Ishtar. In fact it took me two days to watch, because I had to pause and go do something else when the anticipatory dread reached another peak. Yet, when it's all over with, I do have some fond memories about the movie -- 'The Road to Ishtar' without Hope and Crosby, and without their ability to do comedy.