Thursday, November 16, 2006

Watching the Watchers

Tonight we attended the Friends of the Bosque Dinner. The highlight for me was the photo exhibition. Mary Ann had entered the competition and won several places. The prizes were nice but what I enjoyed the most was the people.

After the banquet, they announced the winners and people filed in to the room where the photos were displayed. It was a little crowded, so after seeing where Mary Ann's photos were placed, I stepped back where I could see and hear the interaction. There were many nice photos, but Mary Ann's were clearly hits. Even the ones without ribbons were attracting people's admiring comments.

It was interesting to see what a wide range of ages liked her photos. Little kids (there were a few) would point out the bird with the feathers. An old lady just fell in love with the sleeping duck. Clusters of adults would talk about the reflection pictures. Even when everyone else left and the college students who were charged with closing up the building went by before locking the final doors. I was across the lobby by then, but I could hear the "Awesome" as they pointed out the eagle picture.

But I thing the expression I enjoyed most was Mary Ann, standing about six feet behind the viewers, just beaming as she watched people fall in love with her work.

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