Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Smell of World Fantasy

WFC has come and gone. It was fun. Different cons have different personalities. World Fantasy is close and friendly, and very bookish. Some cons have gaming, some are into costumes, or comics. World Fantasy is totally into books.

Practically all cons have a Dealer Room. Many have books, or jewelry, or swords, anything that could be sold to the typical con-goer. WFC's dealer room... The first day I walked in, I could smell the strong odor of new ink. Other than the artwork arranged around the perimeter of the room, all the tables were little bookstores. There were new books, old books, some art, and literary historical letters.

The next day, when I was conscious of the smell of the room it was early in the day, and packed, and the air was filled with a mix of perfumes and body washes and all the coverup smells that people use to tolerate each other. Today, the last day, before the rush, I could sense a woody smell, something like wood-burning tools. It was faint, maybe the residue from some artwork.

But today was the last day, and the UPS counter set up in the hotel lobby just outside the Dealer Room was doing a booming business packing up people's books to ship home. (A much better idea than carrying huge boxes along with you on the airplane.)

Now is the time to take advantage of the network contacts I made and fill the air with another scent, the ozone from my laser printer.

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