Sunday, November 12, 2006

Santa Sighting

As soon as Mary Ann completed her last birding expedition in Harlingen, we began a 1000 mile dash to Socorro, NM, for the Festival of the Cranes.

Shortly after sunset, I pulled into an Exxon in Kerrville to add some more go juice. It was a pleasant evening, and an old man, a little girl, and her mother had set out the lawn chairs to enjoy the air instead of standing behind the counter. I did my usual -- carefully guiding the RV as close to the pump as possible, and then hopping out to check to see if the hose would reach to the filler hole. Sometimes I have to make a second loop through the station before I can make everything reach, but tonight it was fine. I swiped the card and began the first fill. Often it takes more than one fill because the gas stations have a automatic cut-off at $50 or $75 or in one case $99. This stop took two. $75 plus and additional $20.

I walked around the gas station to get some exercise, and exchanged greetings with the people. The man asked my gas mileage. "Seven, on a good day."

But I noticed the little girl earnestly talking to her mother. After a few seconds I realized what was going on. The little girl in the blue outfit recognized me as Santa, and was trying to get her mother to ask me something. She was too timid to talk to me directly.

The mother was being purposefully obtuse, not really saying that I wasn't Santa, but not giving into her daughter's urgings either. Of course, I couldn't directly go against the mother and tell the girl that I really was Santa, but the girl and I exchanged a couple of secret smiles. We knew the truth.


scott cupp said...

Henry - You have always been Santa to me. What a great evening.

Karen said...

Too cute. I bet that little girl is still excited and is telling all her friends.