Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Made the Papers

I should have expected something like this when I realized that there was a local valley version of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen coming along on the canoe trip with us. I watched them about as much as everyone else was watching the birds. Daisy Martinez rode in a three person canoe, and the whole trip, she was scratching away on her note pad, interviewing people and writing down bird sightings. When she asked to talk to me, I cleverly directed her to talk to Mary Ann instead.

Gabe Hernandez, the photographer, carried much more camera gear along in a different canoe, and I saw him taking the photo that made the paper. He was the strong quiet type you'd expect to see as a war correspondent photographer, with a tattoo on his arm. I was glad he was around when I got out of the canoe, with legs that didn't work. He was the one who got me to my feet.

ADDITION: I've just heard that the Austin paper picked up the photo too. Supposedly it's on page E-3.

ADDITION: And the Brownsville Herald.

ADDITION: And the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The photo went out on the AP. I don't know how many places picked it up. Google just tells me the places that have online editions.

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