Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hubbard Museum

Mary Ann has been entering the annual photographic exhibit at the Hubbard Museum of the American West for several years now, and this year, she snagged the first place in the Landscape category, as well as a couple of honorable mentions. As we were leaving the Festival of the Cranes, we took the route through Ruidosa and stopped off so I could see her photos. She had been there for the awards ceremony and was anxious to show me how nice they looked on the walls.
At first, engine troubles had be leery of going into the mountains, but liberal doses of engine cleaner fuel additives have made some improvement and after we'd made it to the Valley of Fires without any serious missing on the engine, I decided to go for it. The RV really doesn't like mountain passes, but it did pretty well, and we were able to get there fine. I snapped a couple of photos of her in front of her pictures, but they really don't do her justice. She really enjoys the chance to show off her work, and to see them on display. Far too often, photos live on computer screens only, and it's an entirely different experience to see them large.

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