Thursday, October 12, 2006

Windy City

The next location on this trip is Chicago. I need to scout out the waterfront downtown to verify some points in my latest novel. Mary Ann wants to get some photos of the skyline. A check of the weather showed the possibility of snow, so we pulled up roots yesterday and headed north, hoping to settle in before bad weather arrived in the Chicago area.

The drive was nice. I had a cross-wind the whole time, and in an RV that's significant, but it was manageable. Mary Ann called ahead and found a campground named 'Windy City'. Maybe that wasn't the best choice.

We arrived before dark and settled in. The plan was to stay put all of Thursday and maybe Friday, if the weather was bad, and head into town once it cooperated.

The main problem is the wind. Yes, there was a touch of snow this morning, but it's gone now. But the wind is still gusty. Normally, that isn't a problem, but we have this satellite dish for our internet service.

It's like a net that catches the wind. On a house, firmly mounted, the Direcway dish wouldn't move much, but on an RV, the whole vehicle rocks on the suspension with every gust of wind. Watching the signal strength shows it changing from mid-fifties to twenties with each shake. And thus our internet connection drops in and out several times a minute. Web pages stall out. Downloads take forever. Frequently, my laptop reports that the internet is down.

I've adjusted the dish pointing a bit, and it's better, but as long as the winds blow in Windy City, connections will be iffy.

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