Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where's Ben Affleck?

Today, I'm watching the cold rain on the Mississippi, and trying to write the blurbs for my latest novel. It brings to mind the 1999 movie "Forces of Nature" where Ben Affleck played a professional blurb writer. He had some fancy name for it, and Sandra Bullock's character called him a blurbologist.

I could sure use a blurbologist right now. I've spent most of the day on two paragraphs, and I'm about to throw one of them out. It's hard work writing a novel. But then you have to write it again in vastly condensed versions. In my idealized vision of the world, I thought the author would write the novel and some professional publisher person would make the blurbs. Maybe that's still true in the big leagues. But as I scout out newer and smaller publishers, it seems that a blurb is needed to sell the book to the editor, and with some, they expect multiple sized blurbs for the actual cover copy to sell the book.

So, time to take a break. Write a blog entry or go for a drive. I need to let my mind decompress.

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