Thursday, October 19, 2006

iTunes 7 Skip Count

A new feature appeared in iTunes7 that I've been wanting for a long time. Just as it tracks your play count, it now also counts the number if times you've started a song, and then skipped on to the next one. Of course, it's just started building that information, so it won't be really useful for a while, but eventually, I'll be able to build really great smart playlists.

The whole goal, for me, is to create an automated playlist that will genuinely reflect the songs I want to hear, out of the 2600+ songs in my library. Currently, I have elaborate playlists that use my rating, my playcount, and the length of time the song has been loaded into my library to calculate Best and Best Guess collections. These I rotate by least recently played and it does a good job. But I'm really looking forward to being able to calculate the ratio of play count verses skip count as an additional measure of how much I really like a song.

I guess I could also use skip count to locate those songs I really never listen to as well and just remove them from the library -- but hard disk capacity just keeps getting cheaper, so maybe I won't.

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Rick van der Zwet said...

If I get you correctly, this should do the trick (using a 1GB ipod). 2 playlists/pools:

1) Favorite numbers
* Skip count less than 5
* Play count greater than 10
* Limit to 700MB selected by random

2) New numbers
* Skip count less than 1
* Play count smaller than 11
* Limit to 200MB selected by random

New numbers will enter the New number pool, if you listen them enough they will enter the Favorite list, but if skipping them will remove them from the playlist ever

If you skip a favorite number more than 5 times it's most likely not a all time favorite and be removed from the list

This way you keep getting new songs on the list and only keeping the ones you want to hear over and over again.