Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Highway Just for Me

We had lots of good news today. Mary Ann called me into the house to watch her dance a jig. She'd gotten notice that she had won first place in the Hubbard Museum, Landscape photos. Of course, that changed our plans. She has to head off to New Mexico in a couple of days to attend the awards ceremony, at the same time as she's rushing to finalize another set of photos she's sending off. I'll be staying in town to attend the World Fantasy Convention.

So, I was designated to go get her tires fixed and an oil change on her vehicle. But first, we headed off for a nice lunch to celebrate. On the way, we noticed that SH 130 had just been opened. It had a temporary sign up saying no tolls for now.

This is big news for us. A major junction in this massive highway system is very near our house, and taking the new highway makes a significant difference. Heading into town goes from stop-and-go 30-45 mph roads with lots of lights and stop signs, to 70 mph and no stops. Further, we have this streamlined access in all three major directions from our house, into Austin, into Round-Rock, and over to Georgetown. It's a highway made just for me.

So, heading off to get the tires, I took SH130 down to highway 290. It was smooth and fast. After getting the tires, I took Mopac to SH 45 to Round-Rock to our oil change place, and then 45 back to home when I was done. It easily cut an hour or more off the chores.

Of course the toll-free honeymoon only lasts a couple of months, so I've heard, but I'll be ordering the TxTag as soon as I can.


Bettye said...

I'm very happy to hear about Mary Ann's win.
I also happy to hear about the opening of those sections of the new toll roads.
We'll be ordering tags as well. I don't like taking three or four hours for a couple of hours worth of chores.
Hope to see you at the Con.

Karen said...

Wow. That is great news! I think part of that toll road has a booth where my dad works as a security guard at night on the weekends. I think my NTTA tag will work on those roads. I need to find a bigger map to see how that will impact my trips around Austin.