Sunday, October 01, 2006

Archon 30, My Schedule

I've seen the events I've been scheduled for at the convention in a few days, Archon 30 in Collinsville, just across the river from St. Louis. It looks like I'll be busy.

Thu, 4:00pm HI - Monroe Reading
I've not done many readings lately, so I'll have to think hard about what to read. While I have no doubt my voice will last, I have to make it worth while for the listener. What would be best, I wonder? Part of a novel, or a complete short story?

Thu, 6:00pm GC - Marquette A (Young Adult) Round Robin Reading, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"
And then again, will my voice hold out? One hour of rest, and more reading. At least I'll have help.

Thu, 8:30pm GC - LaSalle Lobby Autographs (1/2 hour)
Sometimes, I spend a whole autograph session watching others, and then out of nowhere, someone shows up with something for me. I'll have to remember to bring my colored pens.

Fri, 1:00pm GC - Mississippian Writing for Young Adults - How Hard can it Be?
At last, a topic I am intimately familiar with.

Fri, 1:30pm GC - LaSalle Lobby Autographs (1/2 hour)
A second autograph session? Probably a scheduling error. Make a note to discuss with programming.

Fri, 4:00pm GC - Illini (Young Adult) My Precious - Tolkien for Teens
I was likely just past my teens when I first read the Hobbit. I can remember it took me a few pages to get into the spirit of it all. However, today's teens have probably seen it all on the screen.

Fri, 7:00pm GC - Ballroom D6 Building the Perfect Beast - Your Ultimate Computer
I wonder why they included me on this one. I haven't constructed my own computer since the S100 days.

Sat, 2:00pm GC - Illini The Great American Short Story - Does It Exist Anymore?
The question is, what is a 'Great American' short story?

Sun, Noon GC - Ballroom A Theocratic Dictatorships - The new boogieman or rehash of "Dune"?
Are we talking fiction here, or world events?

It will interesting, I can tell. I haven't had this many event scheduled in one convention in some time.

And there's a bonus. When I sent in my 50-word biography, they must have notices all the nice things I said about Mary Ann, because they scheduled her as well.

Mary Ann Melton:

Thu, 8:00pm GC - Marquette A Living in the Shadow (The Spouse's Panel)
Ha! She doesn't live in anyone's shadow. I bet she has fun with it.

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