Monday, September 11, 2006

Resident Thief

The RV is parked right next to one of the four pecan trees on our property. It's one of the smaller ones, but every year, it produces quite a number of pecans, even this year, when the drought caused half of them to drop early.

I wasn't too upset when that happened, because for several years now, we haven't collected a single ripe pecan. The squirrels get them all. I've been watching it happen today. About every three or four minutes, a squirrel will make a dash from the line of trees near the pond, across the lawn, to the pecan tree. It'll harvest one of the green nuts and dash back to the treeline. I was more upset about it in previous years, but I'm reconciled to it now. What can I do, other than take pot-shots at them with a pellet gun? I'm not willing to go that far.

What gets me is that they don't wait until the nuts are ripe. It that a squirrel thing? I can't even grab one before they come calling, because it's still in it's green husk and unusable. It's sad. Pecans are my favorite nut, and I have to make do with grocery store produce.

Maybe I'll find new baby pecan trees down by the pond some year and it'll all be worth it.

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Walksong said...

My parents had the same squirrel problem with their hazelnut bushes. The bushes were on the back of their acre in Tennessee. Dad finally cut the bushes down...less to mow around. Doggone it! I love those nuts. They also have chipmunks digging up tunnels in the yard. Dad and his neighbors set live traps...take the varmits across the river and release them. Hope they can't swim. LOL.

Now, about the deer and the pear trees....still working on a solution.