Friday, September 29, 2006

Geckos That Live Here

There are a minimum of three species of lizards that live at my house. One is a bright green tree lizard. One is more stocky, and would look right at home in the desert.

But by far the most common are geckos. Every night, I see many of them. They love the windows. The light from inside attracts insects, and all the lizards have to do is wait there, clinging to the glass, until something juicy and appetizing flutters close by. (The second one from the left is eating a white moth.) During they day, they're harder to see. I suspect they find comfortable places in the stonework to hang out, but that's just a guess.

There have been a number of fatalities. Some hide in the door sill and when it closes... We humans never notice, until long after the fact, when dried out lizard skins peel off.

I really like the critters. If they would just turn their appetite to fire ants and wasps, I'd have no use for insecticide.

And, not a one of them has tried to sell me insurance. How's that for being a good neighbor!

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