Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fighting Word's Grammar Checker

I have quite a love-hate relationship with Word's built-in spelling and grammar checker. More hate than love, I think.

Today, I'm in one long marathon checking session, running through the whole 500 page manuscript. It's enough to turn a brain to jelly. Look at what it found, make a decision, click. Repeat. It the program was a little more capable, it would be one thing, but I find myself hitting that Ignore button more often than not. But I dare not make it a habit, because right in the middle of a run of ridiculous suggestions only software could make, up pops a legitimate typo, or an awkward sentence that must be dealt with.

It's especially bad with this novel. I have more non-standard dialect that is normal for me, and lots of chatty sentence fragments. If there's anything that Word hates, it's fragments, even when they aren't.

Oh, well. I'll survive. I just hope nothing too embarrassing survives the process.

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