Friday, September 08, 2006

All Writers Drink

My preference is Diet Coke, although I'm learning to like Green Tea. Diet Coke is more fun, though.

The refrigerator in the RV is really quite capable. A Diet Coke in the freezer for a couple of hours will give me a drink that while still fluid in the capped bottle, will turn to brown slush when the pressure is released. I suspect that the carbonation bubbles that form then provide a nucleus for ice crystals. It's fun to watch, as the wave of freezing travels from top to bottom in the course of about four seconds. I'd show you, but I haven't experimented with YouTube yet.

If I leave the bottle in overnight, it freezes solid. However, remove the cap and Pop! the carbonation released inside the chunk of ice fractures it and, within the limits of the bottle, it seperates into two chunks. See the photo above. This works best if you open the unfrozen coke, drink off a couple of ounces, recap it and freeze it. That gives more space when the fracture happens.


Karen said...

Does it only work in the RV freezer? That sounds cool. We want video!!

Henry Melton said...

I'm sure any freezer would work. You just have to calibrate the times for your own. Half-liter or 20 oz bottles work. I'd hate to try anything else. Avoid bursting aluminum cans!