Monday, July 10, 2006

Nature Loves Me

At least the lizards do.

Our house has nice wide porches, which make for perfect habitat for wasps. When we got back in town, there were about ten nests in the rear and three in the front. These were nice big wasp nests, with a dozen or more wasps in place at any one time. All in all, it was a sting waiting to happen. With the recent ant troubles, I was just a little intolerant of insect takeovers, so I went to the store and stocked up on spray.

While I was in the process of winding my way between the windows and the rose bushes on the front porch as I visited and dispatched the wasps colonies, something jumped on me. It was a little startling, but amazingly, once the lizard latched onto my arm, it was quite content to stay there. I went into the house and notified Mary Ann, giving her time to dash out to the RV and put her Macro lens on her camera and take a few pictures as I posed. The lizard didn't leave until I edged right up against the stone wall and let it step across. But once it was gone, it was GONE. Zip, and out of sight.

My guess is that it liked the style of my shirt.

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