Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Again, Home Again?

The RV is parked in the back yard, over the dirt spot where the grass has died from its previous times there. We arrived back in Hutto last night and began the process of settling back in. But it's not really a homecoming, at least for me. When we left, the place was ... disorganized. We'd just finished the wedding and it was a rush to get off on the trip.

Somehow, in our absence, the house didn't organize itself. There's a lot to be done, from cleaning and laundry, to yard work, to scrubbing out the black algae in the pool, to all the business things I'd intended to jump into. In fact, we spent the night in the RV -- something about no clean sheets for the bed in the house.

About the only thing I accomplished last night (I plead tiredness from the drive) was to move the Mac Mini back into the house and begin the process of unloading the TiVo of all the shows it had built up over the trip. Since I have no way of moving the video other than playing it real time into the EyeTV converter, that's going to take some time, but at least I don't have to watch the screen while it's happening.

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Scott Cupp said...

Glad you are home. Enjoy it.