Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Word is Go

Finally, I have a starting date for my next trip. Tomorrow. We will be leaving for California, first to take in a my nephew's wedding, and then later on, to attend Westercon. The trip should last from June 12 thru July 8, a bit short, but it should get us on the road and back to a traveling state of mind. (You know, I always tend to double the l's in the travel words, but that's British english, not US english. I need to fix that.) I'll firm up the schedule as we go, but the first leg will be to Ft. Worth to pick up my sister, then out Interstate 20, merging with I-10 all the way to San Diego. After the wedding, we'll do a few things like whale watching tours farther north, and then back to San Diego for the July 4th Westercon science-fiction convention where there will be a few events I participate in, and then once that's done, another race across country to get back to Texas for a July 8th wedding.

Expect a few blog entries out of this.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I grew up in San Diego. Love to go back and visit.

You have a safe trip.