Thursday, June 15, 2006

Under a Palm Tree

Today was the hot, dry drive along the southern border through Arizona and California to San Diego. For part of the journey, it was like passing through a valley of giants. Huge dust devils, a hundred feet across or more, and towering high into the sky were walking their way across our path, and more than once I slowed down to avoid being in their path as they crossed the interstate. Even then, there were times when our huge boxy RV was shaken by crosswinds, or we passed through a dust cloud where I couldn't count on visibility. Heading into Gila Bend, we saw a pickup and trailer jacknifed in the median, with several guys standing around, wondering what to do next.

Gas was $3.07 for that fill-up, and with this rig, I have to run the credit card through twice because the pump shuts down automatically once you exceed $99 on a single purchase.

But, then, we crossed the final mountain range and it was downhill for 4000 feet down to the RV park in San Diego. We parked under a set of palm trees and then oops, the satellite system didn't find our 89W signal. I tried several times, then finally had to move the RV a few feet. It seems I was trying to punch the microwaves through the tree. I know from experience -- that just doesn't work.

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