Friday, June 30, 2006

Tourist Time Over, Down to Business

The real reason I'm in the San Diego area is to attend Conzilla, the 59th Westercon. So today was moving day. We left the lovely park by the beach and settled in for the next few days at a different campsite where there was a space available over the holiday weekend. I'll be commuting in for the convention every day, so if there's anyone in the area who want's to meet, that's where I'll be.

It's been interesting, researching all the people I'll be wanting to meet. That's the thing about science fiction conventions. Even if you're lucky enough to be invited to participate ( and by inference be one of the 'attractions') there's so many more people there who are more experienced, more famous, and more interesting. Everybody, from the guest of honors (Guest of Honor:
Walter Jon Williams Artist Guest: Bob Eggleton Fan Guest: Bobbi Armbruster Toastmaster:Kevin J. Anderson) to the 'Other Participants' to the little kid with facepaint and a stuffed dragon in the hallway -- they're all likely to be interesting.

Guilty Secret: I love the little name badges with the special colored ribbons that say 'Participant' or 'Author' or somesuch. It's fun watching other people scan your badge and struggle to put a memory with your face and name. Of course, they can't, I'm not one of the prolific writers everyone knows, but people feel like they should know you. It gives me a perfect excuse to meet them. Everyone who's ever had a pet writing project opens up and tells me about it. I try to be encouraging, even when their ambition hasn't even gotten down on paper. Sometimes all it takes is just the right hint to get started.

Personally, I'm going to be on the lookout for graphic artists. I've GOT to get some cover art for Emperor Dad. I'll never be able to hire a big name, but artists are hungry too, and I'll be searching the art displays for someone whose style I like.

It all starts tomorrow.

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