Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Texas Highway Rest Areas

We swooped through Ft. Worth to pick up by sister Martha and headed off toward California. We didn't get too far, because it was getting dark, and there was a handy highway Rest Area. I like Texas rules. Some states have a very limited parking time at their rest areas, but Texas gives you 24 hours, certainly long enough for an overnight stay. Pull the drapes to cut off the light. The generator noise is no issue because you're parked among big rig trucks anyway and their engines drown out our little generator's sound.

Raise the satellite dish and check the email, browse the web, and post a blog. But now its about time to get moving again.


shelley said...

What are you using for internet service? My parents only have dialup and are looking for an alternative.

Henry Melton said...

On the road we're using two different techniques. All three of us have a laptop and a cell phone (Sprint in this case). As long as we're in digital sprint coverage area, we can connect that way.

We also have a Motosat satellite system. This is a steerable satellite dish on the top of the RV. The system reads our location (once we're stopped) and aims the dish at a satellite at 89W and provides a signal. This is the same as Direcway or HugesNet for houses. The only difference is the steerable dish on the Motosat system. From the time we stop for the night, it's only about five minutes until I can make connection, and then it's about DSL speeds, but with a high latency due to the distance to the satellite.