Friday, June 30, 2006

San Diego Wildlife Park

Doing San Diego Zoo one day and then trying the Wildlife Park the next may have been a bit much, but Westercon is fast approaching and we're running out of time to get the touristy things done. We were warned that it was hotter inland, and it was. Still, I like the Wildlife Park much better than the Zoo. There's room for the animals to roam around. It's closer to what I've come to expect, after visiting so many wildlife refuges where the animals are living their natural lives there, not being kept for display.

Don't get me wrong. I like zoos. I'm perfectly willing to fund them and I know they serve a solid purpose. But, there's too many people, and when they start adding carousels and dinosaur exhibits, I get a little discouraged.

Still, after spending a while watching the gorillas and seeing the bonobos from the monorail, tonight's movie from my media center was "Mighty Joe Young", the 1949 version.


Ukuthula said...

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Mary Ann Melton said...

But it is a Conservation Carousel - all of the mounts are animals - a very unique carousel. Granted it is currently new, but fifty years from now it will be the historic Conservation Carousel!

I thoroughly enjoyed what we did at the Wildlife Park - butsomething about it gave me the feel of a "theme" park with the animals as the theme.

I'm planning a blog later today.