Friday, June 23, 2006

Fog Horn

Last night was the final day in Malibu, while Mary Ann took more surf pictures at sunset and tomorrow, we'll be taking a whale watching tour our of Ventura Harbor. So after her morning photoshoot, we packed up and headed up the PCH. Of course, we didn't take the time to plot our path, so we ended up at the wrong harbor, the Channel Island Harbor instead of the Ventura Harbor. I really don't like driving through cities. However, after detaching the Jeep and going scouting, we found the right location. Now we're parked, with a free overnight pass just outside the tour guide office, listening to a calm sea breeze and a fog horn sounding faintly every ten seconds.

I'm going for a walk in a few minutes. My current novel has much of the action taking place on a sailboat and there are a zillion candidates just behind me. Maybe I can get some research done.

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