Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cars the Movie


Okay, I knew it was from Pixar. I expected high standards. I viewed the video podcast series they put out to promote the movie, so I expected technical excellence as well.

Then, the movie was released and I glanced at the first review I saw. It said, basically, a good movie, but the weakest of the pixar offerings.

No way. It was excellent. It took me about 30 seconds into the movie to get over the gimic, that these were talking cars. After that, it was just great storytelling, with animation standards so high that parts were photorealistic.

But it was the story. Time and time again, that's the Pixar edge. It's the story.

And it didn't hurt that I grew up in Amarillo, on Route 66.

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shelley said...

Cool! We can't wait to see it. Wendy will also grow up within a mile of Route 66. Peter is thrilled that he gets to drive a part of it every day to work.