Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Campland on the Bay

For the most of this week, until the holiday days arrive, we will be staying at Campland on the Bay, the largest campground I'm familiar with. People, this place is huge. It's larger than my town, Hutto, TX in population. It really is a little city all its own. It appears to have its own police, along with a small army of workers, keeping the campsites clean and the dumpsters empty.

There is a beach on the bay, where you can rent all kinds of watercraft, as well as swimming pools and parks. Take a look at the map and see how many sites they have, and multiply it by an average of four or five people per site, mostly family groups. Just imagine how many little kids that makes. At this instant, there's a shuttlecock game going on in front of our RV, various skateboarders and bicyclists doing tricks on the steps of the little amphitheater, frisbee tossing, still another badminton game, baseball , skateboarders on the road, more electric tricycle things than I knew existed, and ordinary bicyclers. Just now, as I'm typing. Behind us is 'Girls Camp 2006', with about eight young ladies per site.

Some groups head out during the day to see the San Diego sites, but many just take advantage of this huge parkland area. Once it gets dark, the fireworks start -- Seaworld is just across the bay. You could take a rental jet-ski that way, I suppose, just don't turn right, that'll take you into Kendall Frost Wildlife Sanctuary , the campland's next door neighbor.

Hey, this isn't exactly my favorite campsite. I prefer scenic grandeur where my nearest neighbor is a few miles away, but this is a fascination place, especially for kid-watching.

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Chris said...

Wow interesting. Have fun in San Diego. I grew up there (in Point Loma). I went to church in Pacific Beach.