Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Website Revamp

I've made several changes to my website today. I doubt many people care, but just because I have it on my mind, I'll document the changes here.

Previously, was totally hosted on the domain. I had blogs there long before the word was coined. I had photos, contact information, and lots of details on my publications. Everything was hand coded. The publication data pages was created from a database by custom programs.

Things have changed. Blogspot was created, for one. Some time back I ripped out my home-coded blogging software and copied all the old posts over to this blog. That's why some of the older archives have dates older than Blogspot allows. Today I altered the template so that my blogspot blog closer resembles the style of pages in my main website.

And just recently, Apple created iWeb, a simple template-oriented website creation program. In the last 24 hours, I duplicated most of the static information pages in and posted them to All my dynamic info is still there on

Some tidying up of the menus, and everything ought to work together as if it were one website. Just because it's split across three different companies should make no difference.

There are problems, of course. Blogspot's templates can't totally match my original site style. Nor can iWeb's simple drag and drop design support a menu in a big blue button.

But ... the whole reason is make keeping the website up to date. Easier changes. Fewer hours spent on coding. Let's hope it works.