Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Deer of Tanglewood

The days here in Tanglewood with my parents have settled into a new pattern. Mary Ann handles a lot of the daily chores as we work to help them settle into a new, if more restricted, pattern. My father's mobility is very restricted, limited to a few feet of travel with a walker. Mary Ann is doing her best to help my mother with meals and medicines and helping him.

Yesterday I got new telephones for the house. They had been making do with a couple of old dial phones, but the cords were too restrictive, especially now. Dad wasn't able to use the phone, because they couldn't stretch to the chair, and he was regularly getting calls from his children. Since then he's used the phone more than any time in the past couple of months. The only peril is that, of course, these new Panasonic phones have tons of menu items and there is always the risk of technical overload. One day, people will be able to custom order consumer electronics with only the features desired, but we're not there yet. Already we've already pestered Walter with several mistaken calls because I accidentally reversed his cell phone number with Mary's in the handset phonebook.

At nighttime, Mary Ann heads back to the RV parked a couple of blocks away at sister Mary's house, and I spend the night in the den in case of problems. When she returns in the morning, I walk over to the RV for extra nap time.

It's in these walks to and from the RV that I'm getting lots of close encounters with the deer.

Tanglewood is a gated community around a lake, down in a canyon. The deer and the turkeys are protected, and their populations have soared. On my regular walk, I'll see two or three deer every time. Groups of a dozen or more are common. This morning, when I came back to the house, the front yard was populated with turkey. Just before starting this blog, a doe walked past the rear of the house, and just this instant another one walked by.

For years, my parents had dispaired of gardening, since everything becomes forage. For me, a short time visitor, the deer are fascinating, but they are like guests, they wear out their welcome. I hope I can get my parents' elder care support systems in place before they start to think that of me.

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