Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Dash Home

I never intended to take the RV into the cold country during the winter. I didn't trust the winterization. But this trip to my parents was begun with no planning. We made the decision and were on the road within an hour.

So when an arctic cold front slammed into the Amarillo area with several days below freezing, and one night hitting -5, I wasn't too surprised when we froze a water line. It was a day or so later before the icycles began forming on the RV, where the water was leaking out, since the floor had to thaw enough to let the leak have its way.

Independently, my sister Martha decided to come up for a week's visit to help out, so it made the perfect time to take the RV south, where freezing water lines are a curiosity, not an inevitability.

Hutto had it's own issues, like a heating system that had burned out its motor. So, after a few frantic days, (three so far, maybe four) we'll be heading back north, hoping to see Mary Ann's museum exhibits, and to take a few pictures at the wild-life refuge before heading back to Amarillo.

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