Sunday, November 20, 2005

Circling the Floor

It's been a week now since Mary Ann and I threw some clothes into the RV and headed to Amarillo. My father, Gene Melton had suffered a heart attack and weakened kidney function, and it was time for some serious hospital sitting.

It's strange how tasks that normally would be intolerably boring can be handled fairly easily, if there is a real need. I suppose it explains a lot of human activities -- military service, going to work every day, and even parenthood. From the outside, it seems incomprehensible, but when duty calls, at least in my definition, it all works out.

We are finally reaching the point where he is getting to walk a few steps for exercise. I'm needing the exercise as well -- I just finished circling the 400 foot main corridor of this floor for a few minutes. The chairs are comfortable, but the sitting is deadly.

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Chris Nystrom said...

My sypathies for your father. Hope he recoveres fully. It is hard to deal with ones parents getting older. I know I have been fortunate in this regard.