Tuesday, October 18, 2005

First Readers

When I finish a novel, at least in the early drafts, I need to run it past eyes other than mine. For several years, I've collected a few friendly souls who've helped me out. The problem is that I'm writing novels that I believe would be ideal for high school libraries, and all my first readers are ... definitely out of high school.

Today, I visited the local high school and talked to the librarian. As I was talking to her, it occurred to me that I needed a web form to help me connect with, and screen potential first readers. So, I fired up my trusty Dreamweaver (Version 6) and created the form. A little Perl cgi on the host side, and I'm in business. Now I just have to get the word out to the proper people to go visit that form.

So... If you know of a person, hopefully under twenty, who reads and has the inclination to be a first reader for an unpublished science-fiction novel, send them off to: my First Reader Form.

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