Tuesday, August 02, 2005

San Andreas Lake

For many years, on our family trips, I would drive and Mary Ann would navigate. Or vise, versa. Especially in cities, I like to have a navigator. The turns and the traffic happen too quickly to be bothered by a map. The past few years I've had a GPS unit mounted on my dash, just above the steering wheel. The latest of these, a GPS V by Garmin, has software that can navigate. It works pretty well, except when I need it most. When the turns come fast, and I can't spare a second to second guess the instuctions, I can still take the wrong turn.

Luckily, that was just what I needed. A couple of novels back, I wrote a scene where the driver was being directed to San Andreas Lake in San Francisco by the second character who was in a trance. That was just as I felt as the GPS told me to take this turn, and then that one, and I had to just react on faith that the navigator knew what it was doing.

I found it, but my original directions were wrong. But, since that novel hasn't sold yet, I fixed it up just a few minutes ago. One more error squashed.

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