Tuesday, August 02, 2005

HWY 120

Weather and circumstances had always kept us from taking California highway 120 on previous trips. It crosses the Sierra's and is closed in snow season. It also has a few stretches that discourage RV's. But this morning, I had my chance to take it.

After only a few miles, I stopped and opened the sunroof. After 240 thousand miles on my Jeep Wrangler, I've just gotten the third canvas top. This time I bought a Bestop version that allows you to fold back the first section of the canvas like a sunroof. It's a lot easier than folding down the whole top as I've done before. No stowing the zip out windows or door sections. It can be done in under a couple of minutes. And since it was still cool this morning, I could keep the windows in place and run the heater. I pulled out my tweed cap and was perfectly comfortable as I drove the twisty mountain road through the granite peaks.

The road was your typical National Park road -- two lane blacktop with 35-40 miles per hour the whole way. Being a Tuesday morning, the traffic wasn't bad, but I did see that every campground I passed was filled. There were lots of cars, but most were parked at hiking trail parking lots.

The land, with its peaks and forested lakes was plainly Mary Ann country. I'll have to get her back here with her camera gear.

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